Thunder Gulch, once the most popular and successful seasonal haunted house attraction in the region, has fallen on hard economic times and faces extinction if a solution to sagging attendance and raising costs isn’t found.

Owned and staffed by an eccentric collection of family basement dwellers and Fangoria disciples, Thunder Gulch’s macabre hopes for the future hang on successfully impressing the self absorbed, self appointed keeper of the terror faith, Blogger Lew Delucca.

With time and money running out, Robby, the haunted house’s cast member who also works as a professional clown, acquires an antique circus side show prop called “Death’s Whisper”. Believed to have been preserved by the same man who embalmed Willie and President Abraham Lincoln, and said to possess clairvoyant psychic powers, the Death’s Whisper is a preserved severed head specimen belonging to a fallen Confederate Soldier so vicious and terrifying that he had to be executed twice.

Thunder Gulch is returned to her former glory with the fascination the public has with Death’s Whisper until the very real rot, destruction and evil preserved in that failing goo-filled circus prop escapes.

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